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Fiyero is a tall man with dark skin and an infectious grin. He has a tattoo of a line light blue diamonds going down his back, markings of his tribe and royal blood. He has dimples when he smiles and a low, rich voice. He is altogether a pleasure to be around as he still has his free spirit, even if now he is more wise then brainless.

Peronsal Inventory-
Sword in scabbard and pistol lying next to him

On person:
--Torn Captain of the Wizard’s Guards uniform, green with gold piping
--white long sleeved shirt underneath
--torn pair of black breeches
--leather belt with silver buckle shaped like a W
--pair of black leather boots, knee high

All lying on a rather large pile of straw at the base of two wooden poles in the shape of a cross used for mounting scarecrows.

Fiyero comes in at the point in Wicked:The Musical when Elphaba casts the spell that turns him into the scarcrow. He becomes the scarecrow as per the spell, but after arriving on Tabula Rasa, he resumes human form.

This is an RPG journal for the_blank_slate. I own nothing to do with the book or musical of Wicked, The Wizard of Oz or Taye Diggs. Unforunatly.